: 28/05/2023


Hereinafter named " the Website ", is owned and operated by the company hereinafter named " the Publisher ".

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The Website is hosted by PRESSIMMO ON LINE servers ;
SAS (public limited company) with a board of directors ;
With a registered capital of 1.350.000,00 € ;
: 65 rue Ordener 75880 PARIS CEDEX 18 (France) ;
Paris B 425 074 481 ;
: + 33 (0)826 620 620 - 0.15 €/mn -

Editorial content

The Website offers an editorial content (guides, news) for information only. This content should be considered as food for thought. The Users are invited by the Publisher to use this information with a critical mind and with discernment.

Small ads service

The Publisher is constantly improving this service in human, technical and financial terms to provide a small ads service of professional quality for the Users of the Website. Despite all its efforts, the Publisher cannot be hold responsible for any involuntary mistake which would result in a lack of accuracy, reliability, relevance, exhaustiveness and/or topicality of the information inserted in the “Small Ads” service of the Website. It is the same for the legal transferability of properties quoted in the ads.

Simulation services

" Simulators " are at the Users' disposal to carry out easily a certain number of calculations. The only aim of these simulation services is to provide a rough estimate of the calculated values. Since the results cannot be guaranteed for accurate, the User will consider these calculations with a critical mind and with discernment.

Links to other websites

The Website may provide access to other third party websites. But it does not mean that the Publisher approves the content of the said websites. The Publisher cannot permanently check the content of the said websites, and the Publisher cannot then guarantee :

  • the exactness, reliability, relevance, update and/or exhaustiveness of their content ;
  • their access and good working order.

Therefore, the responsibility of the Publisher cannot be hold in case of any possible litigation between a website referenced on the Website and a User. Only the responsibility of the publishers of the websites referenced on the Website may be committed.

Private life and personal data protection

The Website collects personal data provided by the Users during their visit of the Website. This collection allows the Publisher :

  • to draw up general statistics of the traffic on the Website ;
  • to send answers, various information or announces to the email addresses provided by the Users.

The personal data collection and processing online must be done in accordance with human fundamental rights. Therefore, the Publisher commits itself to a processing policy in accordance with the French Act n° 2004-575 of the 21st op June 2004 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Any user of the Site has a right of access, modification, of correction or suppression of the personal data relating to it. The user can exert these rights by contacting the Editor at the coordinates indicated in top of the page. To facilitate the exercise of these rights, the Users of the Site can unsuscribe while clicking on the hypertexts links located at the bottom of the addressed emails.


When a computer accesses the servers of the Website, the Publisher makes use of a block of data known as a " cookie ". A " cookie " is a small amount of data in text format that is sent to the User’s browser and stored on the User’s computer’s hard disk. They save information when the User visits the Website (the pages the User viewed, the date and time the User viewed them, etc.). They allow the Publisher to identify successive visits made from the same computer.

Users connected to the Website are free to block " cookies ". To do so, they can disable " cookies " through their Internet browser. However, the Publisher draws the Users' attention to the fact that, in such a case, access to some services of the Website may be altered, if not impossible.

Data transfers security

The Publisher commits itself to take all the technical and legal measures to secure the transfers. As such, the Publisher commits itself to an obligation of means to prevent data from highjacking and to abide by the relevant regulations. Nonetheless, the Users of the Website know the technical features of Internet and the related risks. Therefore, the Publisher cannot guarantee the Users that data transferred via the services provided by the Website will not be collected in a fraudulent way by third party.


The Publisher is entitled to rights concerning some data protected by the Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle (the French Code of Intellectual Property). This includes (but not limited to) its trademark(s), graphic charter and database. Therefore, the use offline or online, free of charge or against payment, of all or part of these data without express consent of the Publisher, is forbidden.

Availability of services

The Publisher has an obligation of means in terms of service accessibility, and the Publisher is taking the necessary measures to make the Website accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Nonetheless, the Publisher may interrupt the access without notice for maintenance and upgrading reasons. The Publisher is not responsible for any possible damage which may result for the User or any third party. The Publisher may at any time suppress all or part of the services of the Website, or modify them, among others for technical reasons, without notice. The Publisher, unilaterally and without prior notice, reserves the right to deny access and use of all or part of the Website to any User. Such a decision could be taken in case of failure to respect the terms of the text therein by a User.

Relevant law

The text therein is subjected to French Law. The Publisher reserves the right to amend the terms, conditions and warnings at any time.